04 January 2021

Facebook Ads - how does Facebook advertising work?

For several years, Facebook has been at the forefront of places where Internet users obtain information. According to Gemius Polska data, over 21 million Poles use all products of the Facebook group. This number shows that the application is interesting not so much in terms of communication as in advertising.

Source: Gemius Polska, http://www.gemius.pl/wszystkie-artykuly-aktualnosci/wyniki-badania-mediapanel-za-listopad-2020.html [28.12.2020]

Facebook as a sales medium, and thus - a marketing tool, works in two ways:

  • organically , where Facebook promotes content that the website algorithm finds potentially interesting for the website user,
  • for a fee , i.e. by launching a paid advertising campaign tailored to the company's needs.

How to fully use the potential of Facebook Ads?

Make an appointment with us, during which we will establish a marketing strategy. We will start our activities by determining the target group of your ads and getting to know your vision of the advertisement. Thanks to this, we will be able to provide our graphic designers with your idea for the visual aspect of the advertisement. We will also help you develop advertising content that will encourage the customer to take advantage of your offer.

Facebook advertising - what should it look like?

What and how is conveyed on the ad has a huge impact on the reception of your business. In order for advertising to work for your future customer, it must not only properly present the product, but also be remembered in a positive way. A properly constructed advertisement that reaches a well-defined target group is a guarantee of acquiring new customers. If your goal is to reach new customers and retain regulars, then Facebook is the right platform for you.