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Mentat e-commerce is a software for effective sales via the Internet. The system, based on integrations with external suppliers and sales ERP software, allows quick turnover of goods. The automation of sales processes allows for shortening the decision-making process and streamlining the company's daily routine activities. Thanks to Mentat software, you will gain new business development opportunities.

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The Mentat system allows you to integrate your online shop with external services. We can integrate:

  • Warehouses

    the stock of your suppliers or the manufacturers of the goods you offer;

  • Invoicing & Order processing

    such sales software such as SAP, Comarch CDN Optima, CDN XL, iFirma, Baselinker or any other;

  • Shipment

    leaders among courier companies: DPD, UPS, Fedex, GLS, DHL;

  • Online payments

    quick transfers via PayPal, tPay, PayU;

  • Trading Platforms and Price Comparison Websites

    Idealo, Amazon, Allegro, Ceneo, Trovaprezzi, eMag and other platforms

A two-way communication is possible between our software and the integrated programmes. The benefits of such a relationship are automated:

Product management
Price management
Order management

The Mentat e-commerce system will take over your current responsibilities and save you a lot of time and money. Thanks to automated sales management processes - from listing a product on a shop's website or trading platform to finalising an order - your customers will be served faster and more efficiently. Streamlining your management and sales system will translate into increased customer satisfaction and positive reviews, as well as making it easier to handle emergency situations.

We know how important discretion is in business, so when conducting any activity, we take special care of confidentiality and limit the flow of information.


The Mentat E-commerce System provides automation of sales processes. It will make your shop self-service! An online shop that will have full integration will allow you to:

  • Listing

    listing on sales platforms;

  • Inventory retrieval

    automatic retrieval of stock levels;

  • Placing orders

    the placing of an order by the customer without seller's interference;

  • Billing

    generating an invoice;

  • Mailing

    sending e-mails informing about the status of orders;

  • Generation of waybills

    automatic generation of waybills;

  • Dispatch from warehouse

    dispatch of the order from the selected warehouse.

Online shop

The Mentat e-commerce system is not only a software that will improve your business. It is also a program that allows you to operate your shop's website from a single administration panel. A well-structured website consists of: 

  • Responsiveness
  • Fast page load
  • Integration with sales platforms
  • Integration with external suppliers
  • Integration with opinion-forming programmes
  • Integration with courier companies
  • Integration with social media
  • Integration with online payments
  • Sending of push messages
  • Terms and conditions including privacy policy
  • Enhanced API


Product Information Management is nothing more than product information management. This process allows the processing of data such as content or images, which are necessary for selling on the Internet.
We offer:

  • Integration of databases

    gathering information from different files into one;

  • Database preparation

    photos, descriptions, parameters;

  • Data import

    to a single file, without duplication;

  • Data editing

    classification, prioritisation, translation;

  • Publication of data

    in sales programmes, auction platforms, for files.

„By automating activities in the company we keep pace with the competition and support its faster development. At dP Internet we focus on improving your business. We focus on achieving the desired effect by establishing a long-term business relationship. With dP Internet software licenses you will not only gain time, but also reduce future business costs.

Paweł Grzesiak

Owner of dP Internet and author of many industry publications

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