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An Internet domain is a unique address of a website on the Internet. A characteristic feature of good Internet domains is their easy memorability and the limitation of characters they contain. Domains have different endings, for example: .pl, .com,

dP Internet provides services in the field of:

Domain registration
Domain transfer
Domain management

We deal with domains with all possible extensions:

  • National

    .de, .nl

  • Global

    .com, .org, .net

We have our own DNS servers, which are located in the largest data centre in Krakow.


A complex of services called hosting is nothing else than making available space and resources of a server working continuously, regardless of the time of day or night. It is intended for customers who expect the availability of websites and e-mail services, while maintaining a high level of security of their data.

What does the hosting service provide?

  • Website maintenance
  • Operation of an online shop
  • Maintenance of a modern website
  • E-mail service on your own Internet domain
  • Storage of data: files, photos etc.

VPS hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an economical solution that allows sharing a specific part of a physical server with other users. We recommend VPS servers to customers who trade online using e-commerce tools. Our reliable VPS servers are scaled for large load changes, which allows you to serve customers with seasonal sales.

Hosting features

  • Reliability

  • Up to 1TB capacity

  • Any number of FTP accounts

  • Any number of domains and email accounts supported

  • Possibility of self-administration

  • 24/7 technical support

Dedicated server

Your company needs a separate server, tailored to individual needs? Choose a dedicated server! This service guarantees high reliability, as no one else will be using your server.

Hosting features?

  • Personal consultant

  • Tailoring to company needs

  • Flexibility and maximum security

  • Up to 1TB capacity

  • Any number of FTP accounts

  • Any number of domains and email accounts supported

  • Possibility of self-administration

  • 24/7 technical support

SSL certificate

SSL certificates ensure the security of websites by encrypting the transmitted content. They guarantee the confidentiality of data sent electronically and ensure the security of data transmission. Certificates are registered to the specified domain name. This means that one SSL certificate is only assigned to one registered internet domain.

Modern browsers require websites to be secured with an SSL certificate. As of 2018. Google Chrome marks websites that do not have an SSL certificate as unsafe.

To check whether the website you are visiting has a valid SSL certificate, click on the padlock icon

., on the left side of the field for entering the website address. A pop-up window will contain, among others, information on the certificate's validity, as well as its purchase and expiry dates.

Using SSL, connections to:

  • Mail server

  • Website

  • Reservation systems

  • Online shops

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Owner of dP Internet and author of many industry publications

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