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Being a part of social media platforms, is almost mandatory for today's businesses. Any company that wants to stay in touch with its customers should be running a marketing campaign on various social networking sites. According to the latest data, there are 3.8 billion users of social networks! What does this mean for businesses? Social media is the medium that will allow you to communicate with your future customers in the fastest and direct way. By harnessing their potential, you can reach your audience by advertising on the platforms they check every day! What are these platforms?

  • Facebook

  • Google

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • TripAdvisor

  • YouTube

One of the most important advantages of social media marketing is measurability. This concerns both the reach of the marketing campaign, but also information about its recipients. Thanks to a well-run campaign on SM, you can find out, for example, what was the engagement of fans in your campaign, or check at what times your company's observers are most active. This information will allow you, among other things, to better plan the timing of your posts or testimonials.

Other advantages of social media marketing are:

  • Direct contact with customers

  • Speed of dissemination of information to a large group of users

  • Various possibilities of using marketing tools

  • Significantly lower costs compared to traditional forms of marketing

  • Building a coherent corporate image

  • Targeting, or reaching a precisely defined audience

  • Increased efficiency

Social media advertising - what does it involve?

Social media advertising is characterised above all by the speed of information reaching the interested audience. An internet user who decides to follow your brand online is in fact your customer. If your posts, ads and photos are attractive, there is a much higher probability that a Facebook or Instagram user will be interested in your product than if your profile is empty or only serves text ads. In the main, social media adverts are meant to interest the recipient in both the content of the ad and the product itself.

How to advertise - first steps?

We realise that presenting a product in online advertising is not an easy matter. Each and every detail influences the general opinion about the product and thus about the advertised distributor. It takes seconds to decide whether the recipient will read or skip the advertising message!

Before you start to publish your advertisement on any social networking site, you should consider defining your target group, i.e. people who will be interested in your offer. This will ensure that your advert will reach future customers. This will save your money and time spent on preparing an advertising campaign in social media.

The next step is to determine how you want to present the advertised product. Apart from the visual perception of the ad, you need to come up with an advertising slogan that will attract and interest your audience. If your campaign will be long-term, it is worth thinking about the coherence of the campaign: both the graphic layer and the substantive, i.e. verbal, layer.

„By automating activities within a company, we grow faster. Companies where automation is not pursued will always struggle to keep up with industry leaders. The question is whether any company today can afford not to automate.

Paweł Grzesiak

Owner of dP Internet and author of many industry publications

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