23 March 2021

Consulting - how does consulting work in e-commerce?

Is consulting a guarantee of taking good action? What can you learn from consultants? These are the questions most frequently asked when choosing consultancy services. Often, consulting is associated with advertising the products of the company, in which the consultant/advisor works, rather than with real help in creating or expanding a company. Nothing could be further from the truth! Find out why it is worth using consultancy services.

Consulting - what can I expect from such a service?

Consulting is primarily characterised by the fact that all activities, tools and also the technologies used are considered in the context of your company and the potential to be exploited in the future. IT consulting plans the solutions that will be taken further down the line. However, this does not mean that the development of activities will not have a deadline - quite the contrary. By making an appointment with our e-commerce specialist, you will receive practical knowledge about e-commerce, setting up an online shop and the costs involved. An experienced adviser will tell you how to prepare for running your own online shop and help you with marketing issues. If you have an online shop, our consultant will show you possible solutions and also design the future of your business.

What to ask and how to prepare?

Based on our experience in consulting, we know that many questions arise at the beginning of creating your own business. By talking to our specialist, you will get answers to all your e-commerce questions. Before meeting with a consultant, consider the following:

  • deas - i.e. how you envisage the project framework, what you want to drive and what you want to achieve.
  • Doubts - i.e. all those thoughts that come to you about an idea.
  • Names of tools or technologies you would like to ask about.
  • Additional questions - you don't need to know everything! Our advisers are happy to share their knowledge with you and answer your questions

Reserve some extra time for the meeting. Try to remove all distractions that prevent you from focusing on the conversation. Take notes - many of the tips or solutions voiced during the consultancy will come in handy later on when developing your business or website. The information you write down will be helpful at all stages of building your web shop.

Consulting as a guarantee of success?

Any solution suggested by an advisor during a consultancy service will involve some risk, e.g. related to a sudden market collapse or outbreak of a global epidemic. Remember, however, that consulting services are always linked to in-depth market analyses, using the latest and best tools and technologies. Thanks to the use of multiple analytical and statistical channels, the risk associated with your actions is much lower.

In summary, consulting services are very often associated with services related to the construction or development of your project, offering comprehensive activities: from the analysis of the idea and proposal of solutions, to the implementation and finalization of the project. By cooperating with dP Internet, you can be sure that you will receive solutions for your company - from consulting to the implementation of the project.