23 March 2021

Google Ads - should I be interested?

Every day 3.5 billion people use the Google search engine, which translates into 40,000 queries per second [source]. In addition to searching for information about the weather or celebrities, product names are frequently searched for, as well as company names. Did you know that Google Ads campaigns are behind your search results, ads appearing on pages, and featured videos? Read on to find out how Google's tools impact your marketing efforts.

What are Google Ads for?

Google Ads is a system by which an advertisement for a company or product is linked through text or graphics. It is a tool with which you publish an advertisement on the web. The ad can take the form of a video (e.g. on YouTube), a graphic (e.g. a banner ad) or a text ad (e.g. in search results). We can plan a marketing campaign in a short period of time, so the effects will be visible faster than, for example, with a planned social media campaign.

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Where can we place your advertisement?

The first thing that comes to mind is search results. Correct! Google Ads, among other things, uses marketing tools to display websites that match a search term in the right order. In addition to the search engine, Google also offers ads in the form of banners placed on the website. Google Ads works not only on websites and search engines, but also on YouTube and Gmail platforms. Using YouTube, your audiovisual ad can appear between parts of a video. For Gmail (webmail), the ads look like new emails and are displayed at the top of your mailbox.

How much does this cost?

The cost of a Google advertising campaign depends on many factors: the amount of competition, the chosen forms of promotion, or the time (so-called seasonality) in which the campaign is launched. There is no specific amount that will guarantee that your profit will be equal to 200% of the price you paid for the advertisement. To determine the optimal budget, contact us!

Google Ads offers several billing models, including the most popular:

  • 1. CPC (cost per click) - is a payment for each, single click. The maximum cost per click set by you is not the actual cost you will incur. Each advertisement is auctioned, the rules of which are similar to bidding: the advertisement with the highest proposed price wins. The final rate per click depends on the amount offered by competitors as well as the quality of the advertisement. The actual cost is therefore the minimum required, which is determined during the auction.
  • 2. eCPC (enhanced CPC) - is a billing model in which algorithms decide on the maximum rate per click. The aim is to increase conversion, i.e. interaction with an advertisement by the recipient.
  • 3. CPA (cost per action) - payment for each action (interaction) taken by the recipient of an advertisement. The CPA strategy involves setting a maximum budget for obtaining conversions.
  • 4. CPV (cost per view) - payment for each view, provided that the user watches at least 30 seconds of the advertising film or takes an action connected with e.g. clicking a link referring to the brand's website. In the case of shorter videos, the payment condition is that the viewer watches the whole video.
  • 5. CPM (cost per mile) - payment per 1000 impressions. The condition of payment is displaying an advertisement for at least 1 second for a group of at least 50% of users.
  • 6. ROAS (return on ad spend) - a system that automatically adjusts advertising rates. An intelligent mechanism sets the maximum cost for each auction in terms of return on ad spend.

Is it worth it?

Based on our experience, a Google Ads campaign brings huge benefits. Thanks to an extensive advertising system, you can decide for yourself which channels you want to use. The great advantage of Google Ads is its versatility - this tool will work in almost every industry. Remember, however, that the campaign alone is not enough. Whether or not your advertisement will bring benefits to your company also depends on whether your offer and the advertisement itself are attractive to your audience.

Trust an experienced team of professionals to help you achieve your marketing goals. By working with our agency, you will achieve satisfactory results, gain new customers, and create memorable banners and advertising texts that will increase your sales. We will help you build a marketing strategy, prepare advertising materials, and run your campaign on an ongoing basis. As part of the cooperation you will:

  • receive ongoing reports on the campaigns carried out,
  • You will have a mentor available to answer any questions you may have,
  • receive new ideas and extensions to the Google Ads marketing strategy,
  • achieve its objectives by optimising the ads it creates