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Marketing automation at a glance

Do you want to tailor advertising to your audience? Using modern marketing tools will help you spread your advertising wings. Find out how you can save money by investing in automation.

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What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the improvement of consumer analysis processes. The use of automation results in a better adjustment of advertising offers to the customer. Advanced tools used in the software operate on data collected from cookies and website traffic.

The advantage of the service offered is also the automation of processes such as:

  • Sending e-mails


  • Matching the content published on the website

    to known user preferences

  • Tracking brand interactions in Social Media

    multi-channel and consistent image building

  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the measures taken

    rapid feedback on the effects of the applied solutions

What are the benefits of automated marketing?

Content personalisation
Increasing the effectiveness of the message

Faster action and customised content of the marketing message will increase customer satisfaction.

Data analysis

The great advantage of automated marketing is that all marketing activities are measurable and count towards statistics. This will give you a knowledge base of your potential customers which you can use to develop your next steps.

With the help of a well conducted analysis you will gain:

  • returning customers
  • accurate statistics on advertising campaigns
  • cost optimisation
  • improving the functioning of marketing

„By automating activities within a company, we grow faster. Companies where automation is not pursued will always struggle to keep up with industry leaders. The question is whether any company today can afford not to automate.

Paweł Grzesiak

Owner of dP Internet and author of many industry publications

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