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Frequently asked questions

I want to create an online shop. Where do I start?

Think about the name of your online shop and the range of products you will be selling now and in the future. The type of products you sell has a huge impact on the cost of storage and delivery of goods to customers. Select which suppliers you potentially want to work with, how long their standard delivery times are and whether they allow you to place orders automatically. With this information, contact us and we will prepare a quote for a complete online sales system dedicated to these needs.
Activity automation is the replacement of certain routine activities by software. For example, an online shop can automatically place an order for goods with delivery directly to the customer. Do you want to know more? We invite you to our blog! You will learn there not only what automation is, but also how it reduces costs and saves your time.
A modern online shop is integrated in many directions so that it is possible to operate efficiently in the area of purchasing goods, promotions, delivery and payment processing. The shop should be integrated with suppliers - own warehouse, wholesalers and manufacturers so that it is possible to place orders for goods directly from the web shop. Integrations with courier companies, sales programme and online payment system are currently standard elements of an e-commerce system. Each of these solutions can be adapted to the needs and requirements of the industry. If you would like to ask about specific examples, please contact us.
In addition to the offers to purchase goods, an online shop must meet a number of legal criteria related to the order process and the protection of personal data. We write more about these aspects in our blog.
Above all, the shop should offer the possibility of placing orders for goods directly from suppliers and for delivery directly to the customer. In the case of shops relying on their own warehouse, integration with a warehouse and sales programme, enabling goods to be quickly taken off stock and sales documents to be generated. Would you like to consult your specific case? Contact us.
Selected projects are presented in the portfolio section. Further examples of completed projects and specialist tools are presented during video conferences and meetings. Make an appointment for a telephone conversation now.
Each e-commerce system we create is uniquely tailored to the needs of the industry. Pricing depends on a number of factors, starting with client-side functionality such as product selection configurators. The greatest influence on pricing is exerted by integrations with suppliers, which determine the effectiveness of an online shop, which can be very extensive in practice. In order to price the project, we expect information on the type of products sold, planned integrations and the degree of expected automation, etc. Feel free to contact us for details!
Yes, we are the manufacturer of the software we offer. Each system created by us is covered by the producer's guarantee which begins after the test period and allows you to be sure that the ordered software meets all the requirements during its creation. In addition to the guarantee for the correctness of software operation, we also provide a guarantee for its expansion by any technically possible functionality. This creates unlimited possibilities of development and gives confidence that the offered software has no hidden limitations.

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