Shop for water filtration products

Web shop for water filtration products

Aim: To create a fulfilment-centred online shop for environmentally-conscious people in the 25-49 target group.

  • Web page
  • E-commerce


Creation of a logo and development of visual identity for the shop. The choice of colours for the project was based on the blue colour, referring to the colour of water, and the green colour, associated with ecology. Keeping the project in fashionable pastel tones.


Preparation of a shop website with a modern, clear design. Ensuring proper display of the shop's website on all multimedia devices, with emphasis on desktop devices and mobile phones.


Presentation of the shop's products in an attractive and encouraging way to purchase. Careful selection of advertising slogans and icons. Application of the best UX practices in the project, facilitating the customer to go through the shopping process in a simple and pleasant manner.


Implementation of integration with suppliers and external warehouses. Automation of the ordering system and dispatching from the fulfillment centre.


Integration of the shop page with profiles in Social Media. Displaying photos from Instagram on the shop's homepage, with the hashtag #zafiltrowani.


Development of marketing strategy and plan for promotion of the shop. Scheduling the release and launch of the shop for Q3 2021.

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