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We provide a free online tool, the tyre label generator. It allows you to place a correctly created tyre label on your own webshop or company website. Tyre labelling is an obligation not only for tyre manufacturers, but also for tyre retailers. By law, each tyre distributor is required to publish information in the form of a standardised label.

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In accordance with Regulation 1222/20091 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2009, the obligation to provide end-users with information on the fuel efficiency class, wet grip class and external rolling noise class and measured value of tyres comes into force as of 1 November 2012.

Tyre distributors are required to label tyres clearly and visibly with a label compliant with the directive (Figure 1). This obligation also applies to mail order - e-commerce sites.


1. Label design

Tyre labelling

To place a label on a web page, use the IMG tag by specifying the address of the graphic label in GIF format.


for instance: 



- FUEL - fuel efficiency class (allowed values: a,b,c,d,e,f,g),

- FLEXIBILITY -  wet grip class (allowed values: a,b,c,d,e,f,g),

- NOISE - the external rolling noise measured value of tyres (two-digit decibel figures),

- SIZE - size of label expressed in width in pixels (allowed values: 300,250,200,150,100).

Tyre labelling by commodity code

To place a label on a web page, use the IMG tag with the address of the graphic label in GIF format. This service is only available to dP Internet clients, so that only servers on the list of allowed IP addresses have access to the labels.


for instance: 




Software for tyre companies

If you are looking for software for online tyre and rim retailers, it is worth visiting TyreSoft's website, which offers a complete tyre and rim selling system, of which we are a distributor:
- Komplettsystem für die Reifenindustrie (de)
- Complete software for the tyre industry (en)

Terms and conditions

1. dP operates a tyre label generation service on its own infrastructure at no extra charge,

2. dP Internet provides the service as it is, without any possibility to review its working principle or modify its functionalities,

3. dP Internet reserves the right to suspend temporarily or permanently the service without reason or prior notice,

4. dP Internet  reserves the right to blacklist a server's IP address (discontinue service to the host in question) if, in the opinion of dP Internet, it is found to be abused.

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