Web shop for the tyre trade

Online tyre shop

Objective: Tailored to the specific tyre market, a system to automate stock management and ordering, and a new website adapted to the resolution of all multimedia devices.


Creation of a platform with an integrated online shop. Graphic design based on the logo provided by the client, which dictated the colour scheme and nature of the site.


Preparation of a responsive design for a shop page with a clear, transparent design, rich in animated elements, such as the size of the tyre changing on the graphic representation of the tyre. This parameter changes along with the parameter of the searched tyre.


Supplying the shop with the products of wholesalers and external warehouses by means of a file. Automated ordering and dispatching of tyres and rims with delivery directly to the customer.


Ensuring that the image of oponhurt24.pl is presented in a consistent and credible manner.


Presenting the industry search engine and search results in an attractive and encouraging way to purchase. Application of UX best practices in the project, allowing the customer to go through the purchase process in an intuitive and fast way.


Planning the launch of oponhurt24.pl shop for Q3 2021.

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