Marketing of a tourist attraction

Marketing of a tourist attraction

Aim: To run a multi-channel marketing campaign that will attract groups within stag parties, social event organisers and tourists.

  • Web page
  • E-commerce

Etap I

We start our cooperation from a conversation, defining the goal and the final effect of our actions. We carry out an interview about the specificity of the advertised products and the possibilities of their presentation and promotion on the internet. We determine the target group that the marketing campaign should reach, we determine the budget that the client would like to allocate for marketing activities, we analyse the client's ideas and suggest proven promotional solutions (e.g. Facebook Ads campaign scheme) that will satisfy the client's needs and expectations.

Etap II

We prepare a contract that sets the organisational framework for the joint implementation of the project. The contract specifies the time of execution of the order and the scope of work covered by the contract, as well as provisions concerning the principles of cooperation, guarantees and the scope of functionality of the final solution.

Etap III

Once the contract is signed by both parties, we start work. Your role is to communicate the list of needs, i.e. materials and accesses that are necessary to complete the project. The final effect depends to a large extent on good communication at the initial stage of the project.

Etap IV

You receive a graphic and content proposal for your advertisement. The key element at this stage is the feedback you give us. The result of this part of the work is to get the best ideas transformed into designs and decisions that will be attractive for the recipient.

Etap V

We develop and improve the project on an ongoing basis, submitting it for ongoing evaluation and revision. Depending on expectations, we discuss the final result and make further changes.

Etap VI

We introduce the project to selected platforms, putting it into the hands of your customers. We continuously monitor the effects of the implemented actions. At this stage, we report on the results achieved and develop the marketing campaign.

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